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October 18, 2023
How to face your job interview

After writing the cover letter and the CV, the last step for a jobseeker is the job interview.

It is one of the most important moments in which the recruiter meets for the first time the jobseeker and asks them some questions about their work experience, their skills and attitudes and their personal life to assess if they are suitable for the required role.

Here you can find six important tips to face it and impress the recruiter:

  1. Be prepared.

Learn about the company’s characteristics, like its history, organization, in which sector it operates, the customers to whom it is addressed and the services it offers.

This is necessary to prove your interest in the company activity and to become a part of it.

  • Read the job offer carefully.

It is important that you are prepared, able to answer coherently any questions and that you know perfectly for what job you are applying for.

You should keep your CV with you during the interview and be sure that it is updated and corresponds to the requests of the recruiter.

  • Be on time.

Pay attention to the set date and time for the interview, you can not allow yourself to be late, you will not look professional and really interested.

The recruiter does not have much time to spend waiting for you, he probably has a lot of candidates, and you will risk losing your opportunity.

  • Pay attention to your clothing.

It is not necessary to wear designer clothes, but they have to be clean, the right size and appropriate to the work environment.

Of course, you have to be clean and ordered, but do not exaggerate with your perfume, it can be annoying for the person you are in front of. 

  • Listen carefully.

During your interview you will be asked questions so you must pay attention to be able to answer clearly and comprehensively.

  • Be self-confident.

Non-verbal communication is the basis of every interview, so you should practice it to be prepared, make a good impression and increase your chances to get hired. 

Do not show your tension, or you won’t look professional.

Shake your hands firmly when you arrive and present yourself to the recruiter, be confident while you are talking, try not to use your hands too much when you are speaking or listening, this is a sign of tension, and sit properly.

We hope that these tips will improve the quality of your interview, and one last thing, be yourself!

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