Students and graduates have a really important part to play at Head Hunt International. We value the energy and new ideas they bring and we are happy to provide the opportunity for them to explore theories in a real-life and practical context, at the same time giving them a chance to build up their personal network.

We will nurture your talent and, among other things, you will learn how to be a high-performer in a very competitive market. Being an intern in Head Hunt International is truly special and is a fantastic opportunity to kick-start your future career.

HR Internships

As an HR Intern with Head Hunt International you will provide valuable support in carrying out the day-to-day HR activities of our organization. You will maintain the accuracy of employee files, organize and screen CVs and resumes, manage job ads, and assist in the implementation of company policies.  You will also assist in the overall recruitment process, from interview setup to paperwork associated with the onboarding of new employees. Success in this role will be demonstrated by delivering high-quality and timely HR assistance under minimal supervision, helping our departments meet daily objectives.

As an HR intern your responsibility and duties would be:

  • Filing documents and answers client and employee inquiries
  • Schedules interviews and confirms applicant availability
  • Gathers and organizes job applications
  • Writes employee communications and correspondence about updates in HR policies
  • Assists in checking overall compliance with labor codes and applicable local and state laws
  • Participates and assists in career days and company social and networking events
  • Performs ad hoc tasks as required

Accountancy Internships

Accounting Interns have the opportunity to learn and gain first-hand experience in a real accounting department. They help perform research, prepare financial reports, and assist with reconciling accounts and other duties, as needed.

As an accounting intern your responsibility and duties would be:

  • Assisting with research, filing, data entry, and recording and maintaining accurate and complete financial records.
  • Preparing financial reports, such as balance sheets and income statements, invoices, and other documents.
  • Working with bookkeeping software.
  • Handling sensitive or confidential information with honesty and integrity.
  • Learning how to work as part of the Accounting team to compile and analyze data, track information, and support the company or clients.
  • Taking on additional tasks or projects to learn more about accounting and office operations.

Digital Marketing Internships

A Digital Marketing Intern assists with all stages of our digital marketing campaigns. You can work on a wide variety of projects including web development, social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing campaigns.

As a Digital Marketing intern your responsibility and duties would be:

  • Assist with social media campaigns
  • Assist with email campaigns
  • Assist with search engine optimization
  • Assist with web development projects
  • Produce and proofread website content
  • Collect and report data from marketing campaigns
  • Track keyword rankings
  • Attend client meetings
  • Manage and update company database
  • Design and produce advertising materials
  • Complete other administrative tasks as needed

We’d consider ourselves lucky to have you as an intern here in Head Hunt International so if you’d like to apply for an internship you can either do it directly with us here Head Hunt International Internship Application or you can contact any of the agencies below.

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