Employment market predictions for Ireland in 2024

Because everybody in the industry is wondering how the employment market will change in Ireland in 2024 here is our prediction for the next year, based on ongoing trends and potential developments carefully observed during 2023.

Remote Work Evolution: Remote work will likely continue to be prevalent, with more businesses adopting hybrid work models, offering flexibility to employees.

Digital Skills Demand: Increased demand for digital skills across various sectors due to ongoing technological advancements and digital transformation.

Renewable Energy Job Growth: Expansion in the renewable energy sector, creating job opportunities in fields such as wind and solar energy, sustainability, and green technologies.

Healthcare Sector Expansion: Continued growth in healthcare-related jobs due to an aging population, potentially driven by advancements in healthcare technologies and services.

Focus on Mental Health Support: More emphasis on mental health and well-being in the workplace, leading to increased opportunities in counseling, therapy, and mental health support roles.

Tech Innovation Hubs: Development of tech innovation hubs outside major cities, potentially leading to job growth in tech-related industries in various regions across Ireland.

AI and Automation Integration: Further integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation across industries, potentially altering job roles and creating demand for new skill sets.

Sustainable Practices: Increased emphasis on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices across industries, leading to job creation in green jobs and sustainable development roles.

Skills Training and Reskilling Initiatives: More focus on upskilling and reskilling programs to address skills gaps and adapt to evolving job requirements, possibly supported by government initiatives.

Gig Economy Expansion: Continued growth of the gig economy, providing flexible work opportunities but also potentially raising discussions around workers’ rights and regulations.

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