What are cookies

Cookies are text files that include tiny amounts of data, such as a login and password, that is utilized to identify your device when you connect to a network. HTTP cookies serve to identify unique users and to improve your online surfing experience. The server creates the data saved in a cookie when you connect. This information is tagged with an ID that is specific both to you and your device. When you exchange cookies with a network server, the server examines the ID and understands what information to deliver to you precisely.

Why does Head Hunt International’s website use cookies

Analytics cookies: Data is collected from our site to be able to identify how our site is performing. As we are unable to view whom the data comes from, it’s all anonymous. We use analytics data to improve our site. We can check for instance, how popular certain features are and decide to adapt, remove or add changes to our site.

Preference cookies: They are those that enable the user to access the service with certain features that make a distinction between their experience and that of others.

Session cookies: Various pieces of information must be stored as you navigate our website to ensure that it functions correctly. For illustration, if you conduct a job search, the search criteria you enter will be saved so that you can modify them later. When you check in, we will know which account you used. This data is saved in a database and referred to as a session. 

How to manage cookies

Each browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.) has different settings on how to delete or manage cookies. This page provides an overview on how to do so for the most often used websites: How to manage and delete cookies in the most common browsers (aboutcookies.org).

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