5 Major Reasons to let a Recruitment Agency Help You

Looking for a job requires a lot of time, and it can also be overwhelming (especially in the middle of a pandemic). We understand that the job market is more competitive than ever and that after applying to many jobs and not getting a callback, you may feel discouraged.

But you do not have to go through this alone. Working with a recruitment agency makes the job-hunting process a lot easier, and more human too. At Head Hunt International, we help you manage the workload of the application process, we find you opportunities that fit your requirements and prepare you to succeed in interviews.

Still not convinced.? Here are 5 reasons why you should partner up with a recruitment agency to find a new job:

1. Constructive feedback available

Your consultant will offer constructive feedback regarding your CV and interview skills! This is one of the main benefits when working with a recruitment agency, they will provide valuable advice to help you improve your interview skills and increase the chances of you getting the job. As mentioned above, it makes the whole process less cold and more human.

2. Time-saving

Tailoring your CV for each job application requires a lot of time and effort, however, consultants can take the weight from your shoulders. Your consultant will be the one sending your CV to employers, organizing follow-ups, and planning interviews. This means you have more time and energy to use for other important things such as self-development.

3. Large network

Consultants have large networks in various industries, their job is based on having a large pool of candidates and many clients looking to hire someone new! The main advantage here is that many jobs are not advertised by the employer, as they tend to deal directly with a recruitment agency, saving themselves time. Therefore, registering with a recruitment agency provides you with a wider range of jobs within your desired market. Many of these opportunities are highly confidential, meaning applying through a recruitment agency is the only way you will be able to put yourself forward for these particular opportunities.

4. Guidance

This is a great opportunity to obtain professional advice that will help you improve your CV skills, interview skills, and discuss your career progression opportunities. Recruiters have insights into companies’ culture, team structure, and more information that is never included in job adverts. The recruiter will guide you in the interview process to ensure you’re prepared to give a good impression and obtain the job.

5. Expertise in your industry       

Recruiters specialize in sectors of industry and they know useful information regarding industry matters such as skill shortages, competitive salaries, company’s reputation, etc. On the other hand, your consultant may help you negotiate a better salary and other requirements that align with your career plan.

Partnering up with a recruitment agency will open doors to exclusive opportunities, and you will also gain valuable experience that can boost your confidence at interviews. However, is important that you find the right agency that specializes in your desired industry.

At Head Hunt International, we take a sector-led approach to recruitment and we have job opportunities in many sectors such as nursing, medical, construction, customer support, and more!

Are you interested in partnering up with a recruitment agency? Contact one of our consultants today to explore your opportunities.

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